Dust Control

dust control

A selection of products designed to assist with dust control.


WH1 Full Sponge Blocking System
Full Sponge Blocking System

This set of sponges allows you to seal openings in a variety of applications, enabling dust control in a range of quick to seal uses. It comprises of 1, 2 or 3 sponges for open fires dependant on height of opening. It has a sponge that allows you to seal a sweeping point. Finally there is a sponge to seal off Parkrays and Stove openings. This set contains five sponges which can be used in any configuration, to speed up the sealing process whilst containing soot and dust effectively. It covers most everyday appliances with an alternative to taping up sheets.


Model: WH1
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WH2 Standard Open Fire Sponge Set
Standard Open Fire Sponge Set

This sponge set allows you to seal standard open fires in a way that keeps the soot sealed behind the sponge, and allowing you to power sweep effectively. it comprises of two sponges for standard U.K. open fires.


Model: WH2
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A5-3 Rodtech 14oz Denim Lay Down Sheet
Rodtech 14oz Denim Lay Down Sheet

Rodtech branded 14oz Denim Lay Down Sheet.

Approximate Dimensions - 162 cm (64 inches) x 203 cm (80 inches).


Model: A5-3
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A5-2 Chimney Rod Guide
Chimney Rod Guide

The Rodtech Chimney Rod Guide is designed to make sweeping easier and cleaner with this piece of equipment,
the rod travels through the tube and the vacuum fits on the side of the T piece keeping the rods clean.
Dimensions 80 cm long (31.5 inches) internal diameter (30mm 1.25 inches)
How to use:
1, Put the power sweeping rod in the rod guide.
2, Attach the power sweeping brush head.
3, Put the brush into the flue pipe / chimney.
4, Slide the rod guide into the flue / chimney.
5, Use standard dust control as you would usually but with the vacuum tube on the rod guide.



A5 2 2

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Model: A5-2

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L6-A Extending Chimney Sheeting Poles
Extending Chimney Sheeting Poles

1.4m to 2.6M sprung loaded extending poles.

These sprung loaded poles are ideal for holding soot sheets in place for chimney sweeping.

We recommend that you cut down some to sizes that fit the type of work you do, and keep 8 or 10 differing lengths on your vehicle.

We show how to use this method of sheeting within our dust control section of our training, and trainees have found this a valuable tool to aid sweeping.



Model: L6-A
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