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Our Award Winning Rodtech Click rods come with a 12 month replacement Warranty. The warranty covers all Non-wearable parts and joints on our Rodtech Click rods. It does NOT cover misuse of equipment or when the equipment is used with the tile breakers It does not cover parts that will wear with use, such as head inserts (Nylons, Chain and Wire etc) You must read the manual for guidance. In the unlikely event you will ever need to use this warranty, you will be required to return the product to Rodtech or a Rodtech Agent before a replacement part is supplied (subject to being used in accordance with our user manual). Our products are covered by :- Patent number GB2500288. Patent Pending: PCT/GB2012/053091, Patent Pending EP12165514.6 and Patent Pending EP2932124. Chimney Brush and Chimney Rods


rodsInformation on the available range of Rodtech Brass Click rods.

brushesInformation on the range of Rodtech Power Sweeping brushes available to clean both lined and unlined flues as well as remove tar deposits and birds nests from clay lined flues.

adapters driversDetails on the range of Adapters and Drivers available from Rodtech. These adapters will allow you to switch between Click and Mini Click / Click and Buttonlok as well as adapting your click rods to accept various manual sweeping brushes and accessories.

mini click

Brass Mini Click System for use in gas, oil, lint and small ducted flues up to 150mm (6") where access is very restricted. Aga, Esse etc...

These are extremely thin & flexible but are not designed for everyday use in wood burners etc. due to the rods size they can get cut through and damaged quickly on things like rain caps & protruding screws.


mini click rods

1M mini click lock rods for use in gas, oil, lint and small ducted flues up to 150mm (6") where access is very restricted. Aga, Esse etc...

mini click brushes

The Mini Click brushes are designed for use in oil/gas and ducting flues.

mini click adapters

Details on the range of Mini Click Adapters and Drivers available from Rodtech.

dust control

A selection of products designed to assist with dust control.


camera manual

The Wireless camera makes a superb tool for inspecting through flues and stoves to check the job you are about to undertake, and further to check the job you have done is to the highest standard. The Wireless camera also replaces the need for mirrors, as it is more directional and the camera comes with its own light source. It comes with 6 super bright LEDs. With the lights on it will last up to 2 hours, before re-charging. Mains and cigarette charge provided. The lights on this camera can be turned off and on subject to your requirements via a switch on the camera base. The wireless camera will not suffer interference up to 4 meters when in a flue, but can still be used to visually inspect and record or take pictures of the work undertaken, thus making sure that a bird nest is removed etc.