Please find our comprehensive endorsement of the Rodtech power sweeping Equipment.
We have conducted our own tests of this equipment, and found that it removes more deposits from
all types of flue systems, than any other form of traditional sweeping (top or bottom swept), and is
an inventive, non-aggressive approach to chimney maintenance.

It is therefore a formality to gladly endorse this method of sweeping as the best and only method we fully endorse within any flue system that we manufacture and/or supply at the Lagan Group.

We are pleased to endorse your product where used in compliance with your comprehensive instruction manual, our installation/maintenance instructions and without the use of chemical cleaners. lt is also further advised that the chimney sweep attend the Rodtech power sweep training course available so that the operative is fully acquainted with the use and techniques of using the equipment.

We hope that this endorsement by the Lagan Group shows our fullest commitment to the customer being swept, the professional using the equipment, and our continued efforts to ensure the best products available to the industry.

Yours Sincerely
Ray Deegan