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Specialist Heads

These heads are designed to take on jobs not covered by other Rodtech heads such as birds
nestremoval, tar / creosote removal and clay liner removal amongst others. Some of these
heads are not designed to be rotatated and must not be connected to a drill.

                                        Rodtech Click Bird Nest Remover
                                        Model No: B5-1
                                        System: Rodtech Click

                                      The bird nest remover MUST NOT BE USED IN STAINLESS STEEL LINERS.
                                      The strands on the bird nest remover are made of stainless steel, and have had
                                    the tips welded for safety and longer use of the product. This product should
                                 remove a bird nest with ease.The birds nest remover is also useful in the removal of
 tar deposits particularly in clay liners and unlined flues.

 Rodtech Click Chain Tar Remover
 Model No: RO-2
 System: Rodtech Click

 This head is designed to fit onto the Rodtech Click rod system, to allow you to
 clear heavy debris in flues, including Tar and Creosote. Its purpose is to de-tar
 clay lined flues and chimney pots. It has also been found to be an excellent bird
 nest remover within clay lined flues.
 This product must not be used within a stainless steel liners or unlined flues.

                                       Rodtech Click Mid Rod Power Head
                                       Model No: A1-2
                                       System: Rodtech Click
                                       This versatile and easily adaptable item has many uses when chimney
                                       sweeping problematic flues or when duct cleaning horizontal shafts.
                                       This mid-rod head can be quickly altered between stainless steel cables and
                                     nylon strands dependent on the use required. You change the infill by simply
                                releasing pressure on the grub screw and re-threading your desired strand and re-
 tightening the grub screw.

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