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Section 3: Additional provisions, for gas       Masonry chimneys	                          60
burning appliances	43                           Flueblock chimneys	                        60
                                                Factory-made metal chimneys	               60
Gas safety (Installation and Use)               Location and shielding of flues	           60
Regulations	43                                  Relining of flues in chimneys	             60
                                                Flues for appliances burning Class D oil	  61
Gas fires (other than flueless gas fires)	 45   Hearths for oil-fired appliances	          61
                                                Shielding of oil-fired appliances	         61
Flueless gas appliances	                  45    Alternative approach	                      61

Air supply to gas fires and other
appliances	45

Flued decorative fuel effect (DFE) fires	 45

Flued appliances other than decorative    45    Section 5: Provisions for liquid fuel
fuel effect fires	                              storage and supply	63

Air supply to flueless appliances	        45

Size of natural draught flues for open    47    Performance	63
flued appliances	
                                                Heating oil storage installations	         63
Height of natural draught flues for open
flued appliances	                         48    Protective measures against fire	          63

Outlets from flues	                       48    Oil supply pipe systems: means of          64
                                                automatic isolation	
Provision of flues	                       51
                                                Provisions where there is a risk of
Connecting fluepipe components	           52    oil pollution	                             64

Masonry chimneys	                         52    LPG storage installations	                 64

Flueblock chimneys	                       52    Tank location and protective measures	 65

Factory-made metal chimneys	              52    Location and support of cylinders	         65

Location and shielding of flues	          52    LPG pipework (Informative)	                67

Relining of flues in chimneys	            52    APPENDICES

Debris collection space for chimneys	     53

Bases for back boilers	                   53    Appendix A: Checklist for checking
                                                and testing of hearths, fireplaces, flues
Hearths	54                                      and chimneys	                              68

Shielding of appliances	                  54    Appendix B: Opening areas of large or
                                                unusual fireplaces	
Alternative approach	                     55                                               70

Section 4: Additional provisions for oil        Appendix C: Example calculation of the
burning appliances	56                           ventilation requirements of a gas fired
                                                appliance	71
Scope	56
                                                Appendix D: Example calculation of the
Appliances fitted in bathrooms and        56    ventilation requirements of an oil fired
shower rooms	                                   appliance	72

Air supply to appliances	                 56    Appendix E: Methods of checking
                                                compliance with requirement J2	
Size of flues (other than balanced flues                                                   73
and flues designed to discharge through
or adjacent to walls)	                    56    Appendix F: Assessing air permeability of
                                                older dwellings in relation to permanent
Outlets from flues and flue heights	      56    ventilation requirements	                  76

Flues for oil-fired appliances: flue gas        Appendix G: European chimney designations	 77
temperature	59

Provisions for flue gas temperatures in   59    Appendix H: Addressees	                    79
excess of 250°C	
                                                Standards referred to	80
Provisions for flue gas temperatures not
exceeding 250°C	                          59    Other publications referred to	82

Connecting fluepipe components	           59    Index	 	83

Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems	                              Approved Document J

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