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What is an Approved Document?	3               Connecting flue pipes 	                    23

How to use this Approved Document	      3     Repair of flues	                           23

Where you can get further help	         3     Re-Use of existing flues 	                 24

Responsibility for compliance	          4     Use of flexible metal flue liners for the  24
                                              relining of chimneys	

The requirements	5                            Use of plastic fluepipe systems	           24

Limitation on requirements	             5     Factory-made metal chimneys	               24

Types of building work covered by this  5     Concealed flues	                           25
Approved Document	
                                              Configuration of natural draught flues
Notification of work	                   6     serving open-flued appliances	             26

Exemptions	6                                  Inspection and cleaning openings in flues	 27

Materials and workmanship	              7     Flues discharging at low level near
                                              boundaries	27
Supplementary guidance	                 7
                                              Dry lining around fireplace openings	      27
Technical Specifications	               7
                                              Condition of combustion installations
Independent schemes of certification    7     at completion	                             27
and accreditation	
                                              Notice Plates for hearths and flues	       28
Interaction with other legislation	     7
                                              Access to combustion appliances for
Maintenance	8                                 maintenance	28

The Requirements J1, J2, J3, J4, J5,          Section 2: Additional provisions for
J6 and J7	9                                   appliances burning solid fuel (including
                                              solid biofuel) with a rated output up
Section 0: General guidance	10                to 50kW	29

Introduction to the provisions	         10    Air supply to appliances	                  29

Explanation of terms used	              10    Size of flues	                             29

Measuring the size of flues and ducts	 16     Height of flues	                           30

Section 1: Provisions which apply             Outlets from flues	                        30
generally to combustion installations	17
                                              Connecting fluepipes	                      32
Performance	17
                                              Location and shielding of connecting
Air supply for combustion appliances	   17    fluepipes	32

Permanently open ventilation of rooms	 17     Debris collecting space	                   33

Permanent ventilation of appliance            Masonry and flueblock chimneys	            33
compartments	17
                                              Separation of combustible material from
Ventilation of other rooms or spaces	   17    fireplaces and flues	                      34

Permanently open air vents	             19    Factory-made metal chimneys	               34

Provisions complying with both Part F   20    Lining and relining of flues in chimneys	 34
and Part J	
                                              Formation of gathers	                      35
Interaction of mechanical extract
ventilation and open-flued combustion         Hearths	37
appliances	21
                                              Fireplace recesses and prefabricated       38
Provision of flues	                     22    appliance chambers	

Condensates in flues	                   22    Fireplace lining components	               40

Construction of masonry chimneys	       22    Walls adjacent to hearths	                 40

Construction of flueblock chimneys	     22    Alternative approach	                      40

Material change of use	                 23    Carbon monoxide alarms	                    41

Approved Document J	                          Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems
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